The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown

We have another great episode for you, we hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown!

We have been loving your questions this season and can't wait to dive into them in this episode!

This will be our last episode of the season as we are taking a short break through the holidays to regroup and prepare for the next round of the Debrief. Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted questions, watched along all season, and have shared with their friends and families! We'll see you in a few weeks!!

Ep. 194 Tithing, Submission, and Mothers-in-Laws

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What is The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown?

The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown. Author and lead pastor of Sandals Church, Matt Brown debriefs current issues shaping our culture from a spiritual perspective.