SALT - Conversations with Jenny

The Khmer Rouge subjected Linda's family to incredible cruelty, but Linda says the hurt didn't stop until she found Jesus.

Show Notes

Jenny Salt meets Linda Chan, whose parents grew up under the turbulent and cruel regime of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge.

They came to Australia hoping for a better life, but for Linda, turbulent and cruel is how she describes the childhood that followed.

A troubled home life, school bullying, and third-degree burns to 90% of her body combined to make her life a complete misery.

But when Linda discovered the love of Jesus as a teenager, she found an answer for her brokenness.

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What is SALT - Conversations with Jenny?

Jenny Salt is a Christian academic, a graduate and former lecturer at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC), and sweet-heart with a microphone. Join her on a forty-minute journey into someone’s amazing and often unexpected spiritual travels.

Missionaries and media makers, scientists and sportspeople, new agers and new migrants – Salt is a chance to enter into the lives of people and discover heart-warming, sometimes challenging and always extraordinary gospel stories.