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The professional indemnity policy is an incredibly meaty cover that can be difficult to explain in simple, concise terms. There’s a lot going in the policy wording. Professional indemnity covers a lot of bases, but in this episode we break down some of the most common features used by freelancers. The information in this podcast is for general guidance and is not legal advice.

Show Notes

  • With Jack
  • Your professional indemnity policy will pay the legal fees associated with defending yourself
  • You'll also be covered for claims of copyright infringement
  • Best practices to avoid unintentional copyright infringement
  • The mitigation costs clause means the insurer will pay you the amount owed to you by your client if they believe this will avoid a claim for a greater amount
  • The insurer will pay damages to a client seeking compensation in the event of a mistake or error in your work
  • Breach of contract covers you if your client pursues you for damages due to an agreement in the contract not being met

What is Unsure? Insure!?

After so many years helping freelancers stay in business, I’m no stranger to the kinds of problems you face. But freelancing doesn’t mean having to face these problems alone. A lot of the time there is help available. I’d like to share these stories with you so you can be a confident freelancer.