G.R. Gritt (Anishinaabe, Metis)
Ancestors (2021)
Interview with G.R

Show Notes

G.R. Gritt is a Juno Award winning, Two-Spirit, Transgender, Francophone, Anishinaabe/Metis artist.

G.R. Gritt pulls effortlessly from the past to create soulful futurisms with their new sound that elegantly weaves the melodies using vocals, guitar and new electronic elements. They create both intimate and anthemic music that would fit in a folk club, a dance club and anywhere in between. By exploring the emotional and cultural core of their heritage as a non-binary, queer, Indigenous artist they create new space and encourage others to do the same.

G.R. Gritt- Time is a Circle (Ancestors)
G.R. Gritt- Ancestor (Ancestors) 
Sihasin- Child of Fire (Fight Like a Woman)
Kimmortal- Stars (X Marks the Spot)
G.R. Gritt- Doubt it (Ancestors)
Ya Tśeen - Knives (ft Portugal. The Man) (Indian Yard)
Leela Gilday- K’eentah Natse Ju (North Star Calling)
Leah Shenandoah- Beauteous Wonder (Spektre)
Wolf Saga- I’ll See You Again (Waves)

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