CRO Spotlight

Welcome to the CRO Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, we dive into an insightful conversation between host Warren Zenna and guest Anastasia Pavlova, a seasoned CMO and startup CRO with extensive experience in technology marketing. The discussion centers around the critical importance of aligning marketing, sales, and revenue operations within a company, notably through the role of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Anastasia and Warren explore the challenges and opportunities in implementing new technologies, particularly AI, in today's business landscape, and emphasize the need for authentic thought leadership and strategic go-to-market approaches. Join us as we uncover valuable insights on driving scalable growth and success in the evolving world of business.

What is CRO Spotlight?

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Are you a CRO looking for insights and ideas from your peers? Are you a Revenue Leader with aspirations to become a Chief Revenue Officer? Are you a CEO looking to appoint a CRO to scale your business?

Welcome to the CRO Spotlight podcast, a weekly show featuring insights from Chief Revenue Officers, B2B Revenue Leaders and CEOs. Hosted by Warren Zenna, Founder and CEO of The CRO Collective, the show goes deep behind the scenes with the people who have been there, done that and have seen the results. The CRO Spotlight Podcast is an open, free-form conversation that digs into real issues that Revenue Leaders and CROs grapple with everyday.