No Crying In Baseball

How can we *not* talk about Fight Club when it features dueling BFs? Patti’s former CLE BF Jose Ramirez clocks Patti’s former CWS BF and Down Goes Anderson. Mayhem clears the way for unexpected debut circumstances and a wild time to hear the SpongeBob theme. Patti and Pottymouth’s excellent adventure takes us to Cooperstown where we spend a Sunday at the Church of Baseball.  Loved the Hall of Fame, but surprising no one, we have notes. Luis Urias heads to the Red Sox, which seems like a good fit, freeing up #2 on the Brewers for Brice Turang who hits a 3 run homer his first game with the new number that honors his dad. The Heart and Hustle (NCiB Boyfriend Awards) nominees are announced, and include current picks Corbin Carroll and Ha Seuong Kim, and ironically, Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson. Harrison Bader makes a guest appearance in our girls in  baseball segment, congratulating Alexa Cardona on her velocity and accuracy beaning her County Executive on the back of the head during the 4th of July parade from 100 feet away. Curtis Mead became the 34th Australian to play in MLB when he was called up to the Rays on Friday. Domingo Germán leads our Police Blotter by going on the restricted list while he attends inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse after clubhouse belligerence. Thank you A’s fans for your 5th inning Sell the Team chant. The Women’s Baseball World Cup Group A games begin and you can stream them! We share ballpark rules that we never thought we’d have to talk about.  Please remember that ballplayers are on the job when they are at the game, and don't owe you anything besides playing their best game.

We say “Our travel tips are totally worth the admission price to this podcast,” “ How many hahas do you need to finish your Brou?” and, “I would like a team nap room.”  Fight the man, send your game balls to Meredith, and find us on Twitter @ncibpodcast, on Facebook @nocryinginbball, Instagram @nocryinginbball and on the Interweb at Please take a moment to subscribe to the show, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to NCiB. Become a supporter at Patreon to help us keep doing what we do. Say goodnight, Pottymouth.

What is No Crying In Baseball?

When Patti and her potty-mouthed friend talk baseball, you'll know this is not a baseball podcast for lightweights. This is the real deal, from real fans. Because diamonds are a strong woman's best friend, and there's no crying in baseball.