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Jill Nagle, with whom I had the great pleasure to talk, is the founder of Evolutionary Workplace, a company based in California whose aim it is to “dismantle white supremacy” mythology. In her approach to “Anti-Racism”, she employs some fascinating techniques, about which you’ll want to learn much more.

In this episode, Jill Nagle and I discuss definitions of fundamental words (Racism, Anti-Racism, White Supremacy, etc) around which, as of late, there seems to be a lot confusion; the idea that racism is an outgrowth of white supremacy, exclusively (an idea on which I gently push back); the depiction of black characters in television and film.

You’re sure to enjoy this episode. It’s a civil, courteous conversation between two people who don’t quite hold the same opinion, but who sincerely wish to see their world improved.


Jill Nagle’s website:
Tik tok: skin_in_the_game

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