The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods

Can soil surfactant (wetting agent) applications be scheduled based on site temperatures? Can a growing degree day model work for this? Dr. Bill Kreuser, president of Greenkeeper, joined me to discuss his exciting progress with this research.

- ATC blog post on what wetting agents really do:
- Greenkeeper website post on this new era in wetting agent programming:
- PACE Turf video on the water droplet penetration test:
- Birdie dances including two from Mammoth Dunes, thanks to Bill for the fine photography

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Creators & Guests

Micah Woods
I'm chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center and director of the @paceturf information service. Some current projects include #OM246, #ClipVol, and #MLSN.
Bill Kreuser, PhD
Turf Management Researcher, Educator & Consultant | Inventor of GreenKeeper App | Former UNL professor, extension specialist & golf course superintendent.

What is The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods?

I discuss ATC blog posts, with supplementary information, stories, and the reasons why I thought the topic was worth writing about, and worth reading about. Thus, a doublecut of these topics. This covers grass selection, playability, and all the work done to create a certain type of turfgrass surface.