Basecamp is known for hiring infrequently, but it's in the midst of adding five new employees to its roster—including the company's first-ever director of marketing. Over 4,000 applications have come in for the open positions. In this episode, we go deep into how we knew it was time to hire, why we spend so much time writing job ads, and how teams of future co-workers evaluate candidates without using automated filtering software.

Show Notes

Big Integer, our episode about the outage - 3:56

DHH's posts on subsequent outages - 3:59

"Basecamp is hiring a Head of Marketing" (Signal v. Noise) - 6:15

archive of past talks by Basecampers - 6:29

Books by Basecamp - 6:30

Six Hours of Phone Calls, our episode about looking for an SEO consultant to help with Basecamp's Google ranking - 6:46

Basecamp Support - 8:28

"Basecamp is hiring Customer Support Representatives" (SvN) - 8:38

"We're hiring a Director of Operations" (SvN) - 9:19

"Basecamp is hiring a Senior Programmer" (SvN) - 11:12

Workable - 14:38

Hiring Is Not Hazing, our episode about code reviews and other aspects of tech interviews - 20:00

Know Your Team, our episode about the company formerly known as the product Know Your Company - 29:25

"Why work doesn't happen at work," Jason Fried's 2010 TEDxMidwest talk - 31:27

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