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Join us in this insightful episode of "Passive Investing from Left Field" where our host Jim Pfeifer sits down with Garrett Gunderson, an author and financial philosopher, to dismantle the scarcity mindset and explore how adopting an abundance mentality can lead to wealth creation. Dive into discussions on innovative wealth strategies, real estate investments, and the profound impact of thinking beyond traditional financial myths. Don't miss out on this transformative conversation!

About Garrett Gunderson
  • Garrett Gunderson is the author of ten books, including multiple Wall Street Journal bestsellers, with Killing Sacred Cows hitting number 1 and making the New York Times Best Sellers list.
    This book, originally titled “What Would the Rockefellers Do?” has been consistently among the top 5 titles in Amazon’s Wealth Management category since its publication.
    Garrett is a speaker who uses entertainment to educate and is also a stand-up comedian. 
    Garrett’s comedy special, the American Ream, produced by Emmy-winner Marty Callner, breaks down all the myths about money through an original stand-up show he performs for corporate events.
    Garrett enjoys time at his cabin, especially one-on-one through “Cash Cabin” immersions with clients where he builds their Family Office, Family Constitution, and teaches them how to create their richest life.
    You can follow his blog (like it’s 2006) at or watch videos and interact with him on Instagram @garrettbgunderson 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

01:42 His real estate journey
05:48 How did he get started as a teenager?
10:33 Abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset
13:30 Why cash flow?
17:30 Acceleration velocity and building cashflow
23:01 Cashflow opportunities
26:10 Finding passive cashflow opportunities
30:33 Whole life insurance
34:02 Stand up comedian 
36:32 Podcast recommendation
37:58 Contact Garrett 


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