Woman Leadership With Janet Quek

Welcome to Woman Leadership show. I'm Janet Aisyah and in this episode, I will be sharing with you about why do people don’t invest in themselves.

Show Notes

Afraid to fail – should they did not reap anything from the money spent in developing themselves. 

Share what you lean

Comfortable and happy in their situation, still complain about their work, life and financial situation

Now, I am in transition now, people said I got money not like them though they are working and in business. 

I hope that through my sharing, it draws inspiration and personal reflection for you. I believe every woman can be a leader in your own way. 

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I look forward to seeing you in my next episode where I will be sharing with you tips and ways to realize your full potential as a leader on Woman Leadership. 

What is Woman Leadership With Janet Quek?

This is the Woman Leadership show.

Hi, I'm Janet Quek . For the past 20 years, I have been helping individuals to realise their leadership potential.

In recent years, I have trained, coached and engaged leaders across the Asia Pacific Region to build high-performance teams and improve individual engagement and motivation.

In this podcast, I will share tips and ways to realise your full potential and be a leader in your own way.

Join me on this journey to discover them.