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Loan planning for for real estate investors in Dallas to address the 10 loan limit for purchasing new investment properties.

Show Notes

The Importance of Loan Planning for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing is a little like the game of Chess. You can play the game with an elementary understanding of the basic rules. But, you soon learn that just knowing how the pieces move about the board are the table stakes for being able to sit at the game board.

If you want to do well, you need to start thinking about the consequences of your actions. And, not just the consequences of your actions for the immediate next move, but the consequences for moves multiple turns into the future.

The same applies to real estate investing... you need to be thinking not just about the deal analysis and loan of the property right in front of you; that’s table stakes. You need to be thinking about what the consequences are for that property far off into the future and, if you’re good, for multiple properties and multiple loans into the future.

That’s why loan planning is so important and why we’ll cover it in detail in this mini-class.

Check out the video from this class here:

The Importance of Loan Planning for Real Estate Investors - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • The 10 loan limit from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for purchasing non-owner-occupant investment properties
  • Why are these loans important to real estate investors
  • What do you use after you reach the limit?
  • Why is it important to optimize these 10 loan spots?
  • What are some exceptions to the 10 loan rule?
  • A strategy to double your loan spots
  • The Nomad™ preferred loan plan
  • Plus much more...

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