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Last week, the special counsel Robert Hur released his report with findings of his investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified documents after he left the office of vice president. While a legal vindication in that he will not be charged, it has poured petrol on the fire that is discussion on Biden’s age and whether he’s up for a second term. We dove into this topic with Washington insider, United States Studies Centre Non-Resident Senior Fellow Bruce Wolpe.

How much of a risk is this to Biden’s campaign? Who is winning the messaging war between Republicans and Democrats? And, ultimately, what would actually have to happen in order for President Biden to step aside?

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Produced by: Elliott Brennan

What is USSC Briefing Room?

The USSC Briefing Room is a podcast from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. It gives you a seat at the table for a briefing on the latest US news and foreign policy. Co-hosts Mari Koeck, Jared Mondschein and Victoria Cooper talk to experts to cover what you need to know and what's beneath the surface of the news.