Intersection Education

Dr. Kate Storey shares ways we might increase the health of our students and communities through schools.

Show Notes

This episode features Dr. Kate Storey, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. The main focus of her research is how to improve the overall health of families and communities. She tries to identify the interventions that have the best chance at positive outcomes for health. She often works with schools and has seen some work that is having a big impact on the lives of students. 

Two articles that she has co-written really speak to her involvement in schools, they are: “Understanding the essential conditions of successful implementation of comprehensive school health to change health behaviours and shift the school culture” and “Implementing comprehensive school health in Alberta, Canada: the principal's role”. If you have ever asked yourself how you might have an impact on the health of your students, you are in for some great ideas from Dr. Storey.

You can connect with Dr. Storey via email at

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The Comprehensive School Health Approach -

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