Drinks, Jokes and Storytelling

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Steve Simeone drops in to discuss his road to becoming a professional comedian.

Show Notes

Steve Simeone Podcast with Drinks Jokes & Storytelling as they discuss what it takes to make it in Entertainment. Steve is incredibly grateful for all he has and discusses growing up in the Simeone household. He talks to Mark Riccadonna , Tom Banis and Justin Gonzalez about paying dues and putting in the work before you made it. What type of jobs he had prior and in the beginning of doing comedy. and what its like now. Steve discusses the differences between LA and Florida, and his youth growing up outside oh Philly. Join as as Comedians and Live entertainers speak about what you dont see on stage.

What is Drinks, Jokes and Storytelling?

Drinks Jokes and Storytelling hosted by veteran New York comedians Mark Riccadonna (Live At Gotham) and Richie Byrne (The Dr. Oz Show) discuss their adventures on and off stage and promise lots of laughs as superstar guests reveal insider stories from the comedy and entertainment world all while enjoying a drink or two...