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ACM Fellow Professor Michael L Littman enlightens us on Human feedback in RL, his Udacity courses, Theory of Mind, organizing the RLDM Conference, RL past and present, Hollywood cameos, and much more!

Show Notes

Michael L Littman is a professor of Computer Science at Brown University.  He was elected ACM Fellow in 2018 "For contributions to the design and analysis of sequential decision making algorithms in artificial intelligence".

Featured References

Convergent Actor Critic by Humans
James MacGlashan, Michael L. Littman, David L. Roberts, Robert Tyler Loftin, Bei Peng, Matthew E. Taylor

People teach with rewards and punishments as communication, not reinforcements
Mark Ho, Fiery Cushman, Michael L. Littman, Joseph Austerweil

Theory of Minds: Understanding Behavior in Groups Through Inverse Planning
Michael Shum, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Michael L. Littman, Joshua B. Tenenbaum

Personalized education at scale
Saarinen, Cater, Littman

Additional References

What is TalkRL: Reinforcement Learning Interviews?

TalkRL podcast is All Reinforcement Learning, All the time. In-depth interviews with brilliant people at the forefront of RL research and practice. Guests from places like MILA, MIT, DeepMind, Google Brain, Brown, Caltech, and more. Hosted by Robin Ranjit Singh Chauhan. Technical content.