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We talk to Aaron Cox from our team about Greymass Fuel, the latest major Greymass project.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss Greymass Fuel, the latest project from the Greymass team. Fuel is a two-part project that consists of:

1. A public good service that allows EOS users a limited number of free transactions per day, rate limited per account.
2. A turnkey solution that offers infrastructure for dApps to cover resource costs for their users.

Beyond these two major components, Fuel also enables all sorts of new possibilities and behaviors on EOS. It also serves as a component that plugs into the other major Greymass projects -- Anchor, our signing protocol, and our public API infrastructure.

In this episode, Aaron talks all about Fuel-- it's origins, how it works, how it fits into the other Greymass projects, and what the future holds. We hope you enjoy the episode and learn something about this project that we're proud to have built! 

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