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You may have started hearing about TUDCA and wondered what it is. A quick google search will have you thinking it’s solely for liver support. While it is amazing in that capacity, it’s also been studied for brain health, blood sugar control, mitochondrial health, and more! On this episode of Vitality Radio, Jared breaks down the latest research on this amazing bile salt which also turns out to be a powerful antioxidant. You’ll learn when and how you might want to incorporate TUDCA into your supplement regimen. 

Jared also shares another Homeopathic Minute from his series of quick, easy to digest information on single homeopathic remedies. Today’s remedy is Arnica Montana, commonly known just as Arnica. You’ll learn why this particular homeopathic remedy is recognized even by allopathic doctors and why Jared believes everyone should have it in their medicine cabinet.

NutraBio TUDCA
CellCore Advanced TUDCA
Arnica Montana

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