Agency Journey

Running a professional services agency? You need compelling case studies to close sales. But most video case studies end up dry, boring, and forgettable.

So how do you create video case studies that captivate prospects and accelerate deals?

In this episode of Agency Journey, host Gray MacKenzie interviews Ian Garlic, founder of Video Case Story. Ian shares his proven process for producing video case studies that get results. He also talks about writing a book, starting a partnership program, and much more.

Episode Insights:
💡 Why emotional storytelling through video builds trust and shortens sales cycles
💡 How to carve out time each week for collecting customer stories
💡 Letting customer stories guide your overall strategy and offerings
💡 Why leadership should always find time to review customer stories
💡 Crafting a compelling video script focused on the client’s journey
💡 Following a clear story framework from problem to solution
💡 Repurposing case study content across multiple channels
💡 Adopting a YouTube strategy focused on becoming an educational resource vs. chasing views
💡 Writing a book to establish yourself as a thought leader
💡 Building a tight-knit partner program community
💡 The importance of process documentation and constant improvement

Resources Mentioned:
📚 Ian's book "Video Testimonials That Land the Big Fish"
📚 Immersion by Dr. Paul J. Zak
📚 Snow Leopard by Category Pirates

Ian offers fantastic tips and frameworks any agency can apply to create video case studies that truly showcase value and drive sales.

Whether you're looking to refine your case study process or get started from scratch, this episode will get your video case studies converting.

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