Ordinary Astronauts

Plus: how AI will actually evolve vs. our expectations, and why productivity systems often make our problems worse.

Show Notes

Three topics:
  1. Are AI image generators ethical? There are three main arguments against: that they were trained on artist’s works without permission, that they could put artists out of work en masse, and that they could be use for abuse and deepfakes. Dan and Nathan dive into the issues and emerge with a better understanding than they had before.
  2. Intelligent Tools. Dan and Nathan discuss the most recent Divinations article, in which Nathan argues that we’re now at a point where we can begin to see how AI will actually work in our lives, and move beyond our naïve expectations. 
  3. When Productivity Tools Make The Problem Worse. In Superorganizers this week Dan wrote about how sometimes the thing we are using our tools for is actually more about regulating our emotions than getting things done. For instance, obsessing over a todo list might be a symptom of anxiety that we will let people down. If we can become aware of this, we ca do other things (like reflection and journaling) that might solve the problem more directly.

What is Ordinary Astronauts?

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