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Drywall is like business, Christian's robot video editor, and $10 vs. $50 vs. $200 tasks.

Show Notes

0:00 Drywall is like business
1:24 Just doing the work is more important than tips and hacks
6:00 Christian's robot video editor
11:34 The dream podcasting workflow
17:40 Automatic YouTube to flow
19:20 vs. BusinessMan.Business work
22:58 MeetingPlace update
24:13 Dogfooding instead of Slack
27:20 How do you decide what to work on next?
36:45 Setting immutable biweekly or monthly goals
38:50 Enjoying the work vs. growing the business
41:48 Fileinbox Sign Printer Interviews
46:12 Customer chats are more enjoyable, less stilted than scripted interviews with an agenda and they're just as useful
50:50 Christian's hypo-hypo-manic week of projects
54:13 $10 vs. $50 vs. $200 tasks
57:39 Drywall craftsmen
Shape Up:
Full-time Employees for $9k/year:

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.