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In this week’s podcast, Bruno Fux joins Alex Cameron to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for decarbonisation in Vietnam, and specifically his plans for Siam City Cement. considering the country's commitment to net zero emissions by 2050. 
You’ll hear a comparison of Siam City Cement's initiatives vs those in regions benefiting from more robust policy incentives and will hear about the company's proactive steps towards lowering emissions and increasing circularity.
Whether it's replacing fossil fuels, reducing the clinker factor in cement, or engaging with the next generation of sustainability leaders, Siam City Cement’s efforts represent a crucial pivot towards sustainability in a traditionally resource-intensive industry.
Tune into this episode for insights into how Siam City Cement is not just adapting to but also shaping the industrial sustainability landscape in Vietnam. This discussion also provides insights into why, in future competitivity terms, Bruno and the leaders of Siam City Cement are pursuing sustainability and net zero targets, no matter how challenging the context. 

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