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Bonus Episode with guests Lux & Griffin aka the GameBoiz!!!
Prof. Oak on Insta // Bit Autopsies // Anti-Semitic Rap Tweets // Vidya as Art?!

Show Notes

Surprise bitches. The first of many mid-week episodes to come. 
Once we get big dick subscriber numbers we're gonna put this sh*t behind a PAAAAAYYYYWAAALLLLL. In the meantime, enjoy our free labor you leeches.
This episode we talk to Lux and Griffin from the GameBoiz Podcast ( about Prof. Oak on Insta, Bit Autopsies, and Anti-Semitic Rap Tweets.
Check out Lux bamboozling Gorka and Dennis Prager:
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Explicit Content Warning. You WERE warned.  That's what the little E signifies.

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