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Mike Steiner found himself on Penn’s campus at a young age not really knowing what he was supposed to do next. Thanks to helpful roommates, he started to figure out how to take advantage of the opportunities around him. He started getting more interested in math, statistics, and finance. He eventually ended up interviewing in New York and ending up at the famous training firm Susquehanna Investment Group (SIG). As a part-time trainer at first and then in a more central role, Mike started to experiment with different ways of teaching things like market making, probability, thinking in bets, and the behaviors needed to "make it" in the trading pits.

This conversation was a delight and I think you'll enjoy it. We cover:
  • Ending up at Penn and not really knowing what he was going to do
  • Figuring out he enjoyed math and finance
  • Getting a job at SIG
  • Joining the training team
  • Leaving finance to spend more time with his kids
  • Becoming a high school teacher
  • How he thinks about teaching & mentorship
  • His 20-year journey in creating his game "Stockslam"
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