Teach Me About the Great Lakes

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Carolyn and Stuart interview Dr. Hank Vanderploeg & Margaret Lansing, the Lifetime Achievement and Jack Vallentyne Award winners, from the (virtual) International Association for Great Lakes Research conference. What makes for good science collaboration? What makes for good science communication? What makes for a good canned meal in Eastern Europe? Tune in to find out!

Show Notes

Show Links:
NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory: website | twitter
GLERL Educational Programs
IAGLR Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
IAGLR Jack Vallentyne Award Winners
Hank’s paper on the distribution and ecological impacts of aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes
Pasteur’s Quadrant
Detroit River Days
Canned gobies in tomato sauce. We haven’t tried this and can’t endorse it, but Stuart put it in the show notes as proof that they exist.
Want more award winners? Here’s last year’s touching episode with Carolyn’s old mentor/IAGLR Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Jan Ciborowski
The Dexter Bakery Ann Arbor
Big Boy

Host & Executive Producer: Stuart Carlton
Cohost: Carolyn Foley
Producers: Hope Charters, Carolyn Foley, Megan Gunn, & Irene Miles
Associate Producer: Ethan Chitty
Edited by: Quinn Rose
Podcast art by: Joel Davenport
Music by: Stuart Carlton

What is Teach Me About the Great Lakes?

A monthly podcast in which Stuart Carlton (a native New Orleanian) asks smart people to teach him about the Great Lakes. Co-hosted by the awesome staff at Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.