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Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and US CEO of Mirakl on: Big Trends in Retail and Ecommerce; Evolution of Buyer Behaviour and Growing a business to $100M ARR

Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and US CEO of Mirakl. Mirakl is part of France’s 40 most promising startups and widely seen as the next French “unicorn.” Their online marketplace technology today powers over $1.5B gross margin value (GMV).  In our talk, Adrien discusses the big trends in eCommerce, how companies need to do to adapt, and how they built a $100M ARR business.

[1:00] - How you came about starting Mirakl and the significance of the name
[6:52] - How does Mirakl fit into the e-commerce landscape
[11:25] - How Mirakl helped the French government during the coronavirus crisis
[19:09] - What are the typical use cases for online marketplaces in B2B and B2C scenarios
[24:26] - Trends in e-commerce
[31:17] - Trends in buyer behavior
[35:27] - Who are the losers going to be in e-commerce?
[37:37] - How will online marketplace technology impact amazon?
[41:10] - How did you build your brand and get your first few customers?
[47:39] - As a coach to Harvard Business School, Rock Accelerator Program. What are the most common problems or questions you get from the startup founders?

Favorite book: The Sun Also Rises by Ernst Hemmingway

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