“There is no entrepreneurial gene, I don’t think,” says James Wise, partner at VC firm Balderton Capital and author of Start-Up-Century.
He adds:
“I don’t think it is in your DNA. But certainly, your upbringing and the role models you have around you do make a big difference.”
Wise gives us the full skinny on his new book, Start-Up Nation, which offers a fresh look at the rise in entrepreneurship and startups and how they are changing the world of work as well as what the changing economy means for the future.
He talks about fintech luminaries, such as GoCardless founder Hiroki Takeuchi who was “integral” to some of the thinking behind the book.
On Monzo co-founder Tom Blomfield and Revolut co-founder Nikolay Storonsky, Wise said:
“If you look at the backgrounds of Tom and Nikolay, they are both incredibly competitive, entrepreneurial people.”
Wise also offers his view on some of the latest fintech trends.

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