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In this episode, Josue Jimenez, a Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law graduate, explains why he always knew he would be a lawyer and the rigors of the travel season as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Campbell Law.
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Show Notes

Josue Jimenez’ career is ahead of his personal schedule. Currently, Josue is the Assistant Director of Admissions, Josue travels the country to meet law students,  attend law school fairs, gives tours of the law school, advocates for law students, reviews student applications, and prepares various training materials to further the reach of Campbell Law.

However, Josue’s path to school administration began as a child when Josue knew that he wanted to be a lawyer.  As a child, Josue was passionate about helping others and staying involved in his community; a trait that was instilled in him from his parents.  This passion is prevalent in the pro bono assignments that Josue completes during his free time and Josue’s leadership as a faculty advisor for the Hispanic Law Student Association. 

As a law student, Josue did not have an interest in being a school administrator, let alone working at his alma mater.  But after graduation and working in various legal roles, Josue was presented with the opportunity to work as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Campbell Law. 

After some internal debate, Josue ultimately felt comfortable with accepting this new role because Josue could combine his passion for community with his experiences as a law student.  Josue leaned on his training as a Wallace Public Service Fellowship for Campbell Law participant, where Josue helped oversee all of the law school’s student organizations and pro bono projects. 

Josue Jimenez is licensed in North Carolina.  Connect with Josue Jimenez on LinkedIn and on Instagram @Campbell_Law.

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This episode is sponsored by Attornneed (

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