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In episode ten, we speak to Endometriosis warrior Tiara Jackle all about “endo.” She provides a thorough education on the condition which can cause immense levels of pelvic pain, and the techniques that have helped her manage living with the disease.

Show Notes

For episode ten, we speak with Endometriosis warrior, Tiara Jackle, who has been living with stage four endometriosis for many years. Endometriosis is a disease with no cure where the tissue - similar to the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus - grows on the outside which can lead to cyst formation, adhesions, and pain. Chronic pain – typically, pelvic pain - is often associated with endometriosis, along with pain during sexual activity, bowel movements, or menstrual cycles.  

During the episode, Tiara educates us all about Endo, where the gold-standard for diagnosis is a surgical laparoscopic exploration and biopsy. In addition to having two excision surgeries to help manage her endometriosis, Tiara has tried a variety of other techniques to manage her condition such as pelvic floor physiotherapy, and by following an Auto-Immune Wellness protocol diet (see the shows notes for more information). 

Tiara explains the difficult process she went through in order to get diagnosed over a ten year period, and the dismissal and devaluation she felt was a woman dealing not only with chronic pain but a reproductive health issue that was not taken seriously when trying to seek care. She shares some powerful insights about having to be the expert of your own body when on a pain journey, and the importance of educating yourself in order to advocate for the best treatment options and to start feeling well again. 

For anyone wanting to learn more about endometriosis, we suggest visiting the "Endometriosis Network of Canada" website. Endometriosis specialists in Saskatchewan currently reside in Saskatoon (Dr. Laura Weins), and in Regina (Dr. John Thiel & Dr. Darrien Rattray). You can e-mail us for more information at
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