Leading Well

An interview with the spearheads of a local, family run business, Dan and Brandon Summers of Advantage H&AC.

Show Notes

Dan and Brandon Summers are the father son duo that help keep us warm in winter and cool in summer with Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning. They talk about how they both prioritize a "Love First" culture at their business both for their clients and amongst their peers. They share about how to help employees really feel like a family that cares for one another genuinely and how that impacts their business.

You can find their socials below:
Website: advantageheatingllc.com
Tiktok: @advantageheating
Instagram: @advantageheating92
Facebook: @advantageheatingllc
Youtube: Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning

What is Leading Well?

Leading Well is a podcast about leadership where we interview leaders and people of influence to learn more about them, their background, their processes, and how they achieve their goals