Sullivan's Pro Football Kickoff with John Murphy

Hall of Fame WR James Lofton on the Bills Kickoff Sunday win. Some thoughts on the Bills social justice efforts and what games without fans might lead to. And Flying Bison Founder Tim Herzog on craft beer in Buffalo

Show Notes

Former Bills WR James Lofton,  a Pro Football Hall of Famer, called the Bills win over the Jets for CBS.  He has some thoughts on the game, the Bills prospects, the NFL in the era of Covid, and what it's like living in California right now.  Also, Tim Herzog, the founder CEO of Flying Bison Brewery in Buffalo, talks about launching craft beer in Buffalo 20-years ago, and what lies ahead for the brewing industty.

What is Sullivan's Pro Football Kickoff with John Murphy?

Football and Beer.
In his 17th season calling play by play for the Bills, John Murphy knows about both. And he's ready to share those insights and talk with experts on both topics on this podcast.