With the team finally recovered from anything and everything that was the Summit, we're back guns a-blazin'.

This week we're talkin':

- Sex tech - it's not what people think it is.
- Quinky is a company that's developing an app providing sex education through gamification for Gen-Z’s
- "We are after all the IP branch of the oldest industry in the world – Sex’ and ‘Social permission and the confidence to ask for what they want in the bedroom because that transcends to the boardroom" - Dominique Karetsos, CEO of the Healthy Pleasure Group.
- Elaine Burke in the Business Post Connected goes into detail about different areas of sex tech.
- British digital bank Monzo has hit profitability for the first time.
- Klarna, the Swedish buy now, pay later company, also recently unveiled that it has halved its net loss in the first quarter.
- Revolut is definitely not profitable yet, but it has announced reaching over 30 million retail customers making 400 million transactions a month.
- Taxfix has laid off 20% of its staff — 120 employees — as part of wider restructuring of the business aimed at cutting costs.
- Vitamin has folded.
- John Reynolds knows fintech.
- Creative equity is the new investment.
- Today global travel experiences platform and marketplace GetYourGuide, announced the closing of $194 million in equity and credit financing.
- NVIDIA was and then they weren't, but either way, the keynote was hot shiz.
- AI made the cover of TIME Magazine.
- More letters about AI. Probably lost in the post.
- OpenAI is handing out cold hard cash.
- Italy bans, unbans, and now establishes a state-backed fund to support AI startups.
- Japan says copyright, schmopyright when it comes to training AI.
- Your honour, ChatGPT has no further questions.
- Spanish startup Jeff never closed a €90 million round, hasn’t paid employees for nine months, and is now filing for bankruptcy. 
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