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Show Notes

The continued cratering of Twitter, and the joy of discovering open alternatives. Lars and many others find themselves on the open and federated Mastodon instead of Twitter, having a great time, and feeling more excited about open systems than in a long time.
On the level of individuals, owning and controlling your own data feels back in fashion, but there is even more to dig into on the level of large organizations.

Perhaps when GDPR says no and the good spirit of the internet is strong, there is a chance for municipalities and other public sector organizations to get and help build open alternatives to the closed, proprietary, and often hair-raisingly expensive and poorly received software they have today?

Lars sees exciting business opportunities, better software for all, as well as the interesting challenges of navigating tender processes and plain old corruption.

  • Elon happened
  • A very straight path to somewhere else
  • As open as email
  • Satiate my doomscrolling needs
  • A Twitter on IRC
  • I don't trust the ecosystem under my feet
  • Lectured about a culture I'm not in
  • Teams was dubbed illegal
  • The good spirit of the internet
  • GDPR says no!
  • People software
  • You have people living in you
  • I want "Svenska IT-myndigheten"
  • Pointless, annoying, and wasteful

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