The Possibility Project

Is there a collective opportunity in the COVID-19 induced global shut-down? Can we hold on to the “urgency” that is being generated right now to create the lasting change that we need? What if we are getting a jump start into healing our relationship with the earth, each other, and the more-than-human beings that we share this land with? These are some of the questions that Ayana Young puts forward in this episode, in her conversation with host Sarah Knight, while providing some inspiring insights into how we can show up, right now, to do what is being asked of us. Ayana Young is a podcast and radio personality specializing in intersectional environmental and social justice, deep ecology and land-based restoration. Along with other female millennials, she runs the non-profit organization “For The Wild” – an organization whose work is a response to the destruction left in the wake of capitalist industry, amplifying voices from the grassroots and featuring thought-leaders at the forefront of environmental, artistic, scientific, political and cultural shift.

Show Notes

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What is The Possibility Project?

Has the Climate Crisis got you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, despairing, angry, or even apathetic?

In this show Sarah Knight, Scientist and Energy Healer, talks to other healers and scientists, artists, philosophers, activists, and others, as she seeks out the highest possibilities for the healing of this planet and its inhabitants in these changing times.