Agee and Gates The Podcast - What's your Hoop Dream?

Sophie Cunningham joins Will Gates and Arthur Agee to talk about her origin story and personal hoop dream.

Show Notes

This week, University of Missouri alumni and member of the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, Sophie Cunningham, joins the guys. Will and Arthur talk to the Columbia, Missouri native about growing up on a farm, like a real Farm. But just to clarify, there were no chickens. Sophie won 4 state championships in her high school career and committed to Mizzou in the 8th grade!! She was a standout with the Tigers, averaging 16.9 points per game and ended her University career as Missouri's all time leading scorer. Currently in her second WNBA season as a member of the Phoenix Mercury, she talk s about the draft night experience, getting to play with some of the greats like Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner and the importance of being a strong role model for young women. Don't miss this one.

What is Agee and Gates The Podcast - What's your Hoop Dream??

A Hoop Dream is defined as the pursuit of excellence in your chosen field. Will Gates and Arthur Agee, the stars of the original Hoop Dreams documentary dive into the origin stories of men and women from the sports, entertainment and fashion industries, who are chasing their own version of a Hoop Dream. From college and pro athletes to journalists and broadcasters, to actors, musicians and designers, they dive into the back stories, the struggles, the accomplishments and the perseverance it takes to overcome the obstacles thrown at you in the attempt to reach the pinnacle of your profession.

Agee and Gates The Podcast - What's your Hoop Dream?
Hosted by Will Gates and Arthur Agee
Produced by Matt Hoffar
Written by Matt Hoffar, Will Gates and Arthur Agee
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