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Is depression evolutionary? Is inflammation good or bad? Can sleep be bad for you? Tune in to find out. 
Depression is a complex and debilitating mental health disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Despite the prevalence of depression, its causes and origins are still not entirely understood. In this episode of the Drug Science Podcast, we explore the evolutionary perspective on depression with renowned psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Charles Raison.
Dr. Charles Raison is a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Emory University. Having moved from the field of anthropology into psychiatry, Dr. Raison is now internationally recognized for his studies examining novel mechanisms involved in the development and treatment of major depression and other stress-related emotional and physical conditions, as well as for his work examining the physical and behavioral effects of compassion training. 

The New Mind-Body Science of Depression

Andrew H. Miller  

Interferon alpha

Paroxetine for the prevention of depression induced by high-dose interferon alfa


Tumor necrosis factor

A randomized controlled trial of the tumor necrosis factor antagonist infliximab for treatment-resistant depression: the role of baseline inflammatory biomarkers

Antidepressant treatment resistance is associated with increased inflammatory markers in patients with major depressive disorder

Burning down the house: reinventing drug discovery in psychiatry for the development of targeted therapies 


Interleukin 6 (IL-6)

Interleukin 1 beta

Wim Hof

Pivotal mental states

Usona Institute

COMPASS Pathways

Centre for Psychedelics and Spirituality 




Trial of Psilocybin versus Escitalopram for Depression


Sleeping with one eye open: loneliness and sleep quality in young adults
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