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Author, Finance Expert, and Podcast Host Patrina Dixon stopped by the Cleverly Changing Podcast to let us know how to teach our kids about money and how to set a better example when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

Show Notes

Our guest today is Patrina Dixon. Patrina's story is important because many of the lessons we learn about money are not from school they are from the habits of our parents and guardians. Homeschooling isn't just about the regular electives and academic courses, it's also about teaching our children life skills so they will have positive behaviors. In this episode of the Cleverly Changing Podcast we will discuss the importance of teaching our children the truth about how to handle money.

Your brother's pocket cannot keep your wealth. ~ African Proverb

"Nqoba" means conqueror in Isizulu a language spoken in South Africa.

Parents, are you looking for a game that will teach your children financial literacy, history, and confidence. Yes, there is a game that will fulfill all three of those needs: Black Wall Street The Board Game. It's similar to monopoly but more culturally rich. Their site,, supports the education of financial literacy for families. Please use the discount code: “CLEVERLY” for 25% off sitewide. (* The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts).

Patrina Dixon is a Personal Finance Expert, International Speaker and an Award-Winning Author of the top-selling financial journal book series, “It’$ My Money™”.  In 2018 Patrina was a 100 Women of Color Honoree. Patrina is an advocate for financial literacy. She has a passion for serving her community and uses her company, P. Dixon Consulting, LLC to offer money management strategies to individuals of varying ages.  Patrina is shaping the spending and saving behaviors of her clients with a goal of guiding them toward financial independence. Patrina shares financial content as a blogger and through her podcast, The Money Exchange. 

Through her education received at the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business and the disciplines she learned while achieving her Financial Management Certificate from Cornell University allows her to thrive at teaching the importance of financial independence.  The It’$ My Money™ journal book series and workshops allow Patrina to educate and enlighten youth and families on their finances. She is dedicated to molding the next set of financial leaders. Patrina is a wife and mother who resides in Connecticut. 

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