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My guest today is Bence Jendruszak, Cofounder of Hungarian Startup Seon Fraud Fighters, who started Seon right out of university and has very quickly built a revolutionary digital fraud prevention platform serving clients like Air France, Patreon and Ladbrokes.

Bence has been integral to this outstanding success and has already been featured in FT’s Sifted, TechCrunch and in Forbes' '‘Hot Startups to Watch in Europe’.

In my conversation with Bence we focused on how they built an enterprise-grade security product that allowed people to buy security like Netflix - self-service trial, signup, and cancelation without needing long implementation cycles or onboarding costs.

Show Notes

  • [01:53] What convinced you to begin yet another online fraud prevention company?
  • [4:52] How did you structure your product, your team, and other aspects of your company to get quick time-to-value, your core promise to customers?
  • [11:59] Could you tell us more about your hybrid model of sales? 
  • [15:15] How easy is it to start a tech company in Hungary? And what are the biggest challenges of setting up a company and running it from Hungary?
  • [17:26] Beyond product and unit economics, what else do you think a startup needs to do for a successful fundraise? 
  • [19:52] Could you share your insights on some of the latest fraud trends?
  • [24:34] Rapid round: Favourite book, productivity tool, city and quote

Company: Seon
Book: 48 laws of power

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