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Part two of our conversation with Robin McAlpine about Common Weal's Green New Deal, a fully-costed programme of action, explaining how life in Scotland will need to change in order to reverse environmental harm and social failure. Thanks to Joe Penn for the heads up.

Show Notes

First, thanks for the heads-up, Joe!

Part two of our chat with Robin McAlpine is an experienced political strategist and founder of the Scottish think tank, Common Weal. (Again. it's a little profane at points, so be warned if you have kids about.)

Over the two episodes, we discuss the political landscape, the actual economics of change, how power is exercised in order to activate and inhibit change, and what plans to achieve a zero-impact society might actually look like.

Links to other things that we mentioned
Common Weal website
Common Weal's Green New Deal for Scotland
Common Weal t-shirts
La Haine, "so far, so good" clip
Do watch the whole film though, La Haine
Tales from the Mall, by Ewan Morrison 

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