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"Is GoFundMe a new alternative to life insurance?" 40% of Americans would struggle to cover a $400 unexpected bill. Deaths, of course, are often and unexpected and expensive. Life insurance in America is big business. That said, a large section of the population is unable to get insurance. This could be due to health reasons or immigration status. Only 57% of Americans have life insurance. Is getting Life Insurance even worth it? The short answer is "Yes".

Show Notes

On today's show, Sir Rod asked the question, "Is GoFundMe a new alternative to life insurance?" Memorial fundraising is one of the more popular types of campaigns on the GoFundMe platform. Unfortunately, for every campaign that exceeds the stated need, there are thousands that do not reach their goals. The success of a campaign depends largely on social media outreach and mass media exposure. In this conversation, Sir Rod converses with a trained Financial Services Professional, who specializes in assisting people with making sufficient provision for their families when they die. The two of them discuss this question and give viable solutions and perspective while answering the question. Grab your pen and paper so you can take notes and if necessary call a Financial Services Professional to start your family on the pathway to stability after your demise. Tune in now and be ready to listen, learn and laugh!

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