The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema

Laura Bondurant is the lead chaplain at Agape Hospice Care in Atlanta. Laura is also a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary. Before working for Agape, Laura worked for the military in the chapel corps as a Protestant Parish Coordinator and as a Children's Church Coordinator.

Show Notes

 While working for the military as a DOD Contractor, she was approached by an active duty chaplain and asked if she wanted to become active duty chaplain. This led to her pursing her chaplaincy career. Although she did not go to active duty, she fulfilled all her requirements to become an active duty chaplain and mentored under the Air Force chaplains for 5 years and 2 years under an Army chaplain.

What is The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema?

A show about the psycho-spiritual aspects of end of life care. On the Hospice Chaplaincy Show, you will hear stories of experts in the field of end of life care and grief counseling.This fun and educational podcast explores their life stories and theories of practice.