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Mapping and delivering real estate data so that it's accessible is nothing short of a massive undertaking. Josh Fraser, CEO of Estated is doing this and is finding a lot of success. In this episode, Josh breaks down how Estated got started mapping US Real Estate data and how this data may be used to impact the future of housing—both for buyers and renters. Estated works to deliver data to companies both in and out of real estate, so we'll touch on how they're finding success in data as a service and how the future may be shaped by data companies, such as Estated.

Show Notes

Learn more about Estated and Josh
We offer quick and easy access to data on 150 million residential and commercial properties nationwide across the US. We've built a database which allows users to search properties across over 3,200 counties in real time. Hundreds of customers have integrated our property data into their businesses to gain deeper insights into their clients. 

 Estated graduated from Techstars Boulder in 2017, which led to capital partnerships with Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures.

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