Blue Skies Podcast with Erin O'Toole

Historian Ted Barris sat down with Erin to talk about his new book covering the longest WWII battle - the Battle of the Atlantic - and Canada’s contributions to this critical battle that forged the foundation of the North Atlantic alliance we know today. Canadian heroism and perseverance as told in “Battle of the Atlantic: Gauntlet to Victory”.

What is Blue Skies Podcast with Erin O'Toole?

blue-sky (verb)
: to offer ideas that are conceived by unrestrained imagination or optimism.

Hosted by Erin O’Toole, President and Managing Director of ADIT North America. Erin is the former Member of Parliament for Durham and former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. The Blue Skies political podcast explores issues facing Canada and the world in a format that brings together thought leaders for an informed and engaging conversation.