How Did We Get Here

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"Sometimes you have to go it alone." We talk with author Malia Bohlin about the story she carried--and novel she wrote--inspired by her father's unexpected solo sailing voyage across the Pacific when he was 26. She talks about how sometimes you just have to go it alone.

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Malia Bohlin was born in Honolulu and raised in Pe'ahi, Maui. She received a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and later a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management from Regis University in Denver. She works in fundraising and as a PATH International certified instructor in a therapeutic horseback riding program. Malia loves to travel, read, ride, write, and sometimes run half-marathons. Left at Hiva Oa is her first novel.

Look for the episode on finding your way when you're alone at sea--and why sometimes you just have to go it alone. Follow Malia and others' stories at

Honorable Mention:
* Speaking of the adventure gene - from National Geographic

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