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Rick, Lauren, and their guest Camden Morgante dive into the conversation around the purity culture movement, and how to talk to young kids about Biblical sexual purity.

Show Notes

After introducing their guest, Dr. Camden Morgante, Rick and Lauren begin discussing this week's topic of purity culture. Lauren mentions that the first time she learned about purity culture was through 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye.' Camden joins in on the conversation about the book, and gives some history of the purity culture movement.
Camden transitions to talk about five purity culture myths that she has written about:
  1. The Spiritual Barometer Myth
  2. The Fairytale Myth
  3. The Flipped Switch Myth
  4. The Damaged Goods Myth
  5. The Women-As-Gatekeepers Myth
Camden references that there are some purity culture books today that throw out the idea of purity altogether in favor of consensual, safe sex. She and Lauren also reference Joshua Harris, who wrote 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye,' and who has walked away from Christianity.
To help parents talk to their kids about sex, Camden says to first make sure you have a deeper "why" for not having premarital sex, then make sure you are practicing purity in your own marriage and being faithful to your spouse.
Camden compares stewarding your sexuality to Biblical tithing; we don't tithe because God will bless us financially when we do, we tithe out of faithfulness and obedience to God.
In closing, Camden references 'Talking Back to Purity Culture.' 
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About Camden Morgante:
Dr. Camden Morgante is a therapist, writer, and speaker, as well as a current college professor. She is a practicing psychologist at Ebenezer Counseling Services in Knoxville. Find her on social media here

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