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Ira Briones (they/them), is a Filipinx immigrant, ICF-certified business energy coach, sound worker, Reiki III practitioner, and ThetaHealing® practitioner and teacher. Inspired by their own personal healing journey, Ira strives to help historically marginalized entrepreneurs shed limiting systemic and social conditioning so they can show up in their businesses in their full power. In this episode we discuss the power of healing in Entrepreneurship. So much of this work is mental and if we are not doing the shadow work, healing societal conditioning, and working through limiting beliefs in our identity, then our business is not growing.

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  • [6:49] Ira's story.
  • [11:12] Did the culture shock of moving to the US spark the need to dive deep into yourself?
  • [12:47] When the moments you've thought you've healed from show up, how do you move through it?
  • [14:53] The demographics of healing spaces.
  • [23:51] The balance between receiving and moving on. 
  • [28:08] Speed bumps you have worked through with clients?
  • [34:24] How important is this work when jumping into entrepreneurship?
  • [40:11] Stillness can invoke movement, as long as there is presence in it. 
  • [43:05] How does the idea of masculine and feminine energy show up when working with trans individuals?
  •  [49:29] When we leave our bodies, there is no he or she.
  • [55:10] Advice for the marginalized entrepreneur?
  • [1:01:57] How to find Ira.
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What is On The Daily?

I am a wealth energetics and quantum business coach, host of On The Daily podcast, multi 6-figure entrepreneur, and the co-founder and President of HypeU Media, LLC.. Using Human Design and various strategy and energetic strategies, I will help you scale your business in a sustainable way that gives you an aligned full body F**K Yes! After the death of my best friend/ father, I dove deep into personal healing, and spiritual development. I trained in Human Design, Trauma Healing, Astrology, Reiki, Meditation, and Wealth Energetics and that really brought me back from a pretty epic burnout. I left corporate fitness after almost 10 years, and got real clear on my vision and my boundaries. Since then, I’ve built a multi-six-figure coaching business, a top-rated podcast that’s close to 250K downloads and a highly engaged social media network - all within 2 years. What I am really interested in is you living a life that turns you on and having a business that is a full body yes. Through all of my education and experience, I will guide you and give you the tools necessary to scale a massive, sustainable, and sexy business using your intuition and Human Design.