If I Was Starting Today

This week, Jim and Yonathan do a deep dive into what has made Trader Joes a grocery growth behemoth. They share behind the scenes stories and break down tactical moves the business has made on the road to success.

  • The importance of differentiation
  • Overeducated and Underpaid
  • What makes Trader Joes special
  • Less choice can be better
  • Marketing lead company
  • Studying Cults
  • Direct Mailing
  • Product Vetting
  • Main Takeaways
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What is If I Was Starting Today?

What would you do if you were starting today? To help, here are half-baked startup ideas, growth marketing tactics, and stories from founders and creators - including my own journey as a bootstrapped business owner. All of the content is centered around helping founders, creators, and investors starting today.