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What are personal area networks (PAN), and what makes them so critical for today's first responders? In this episode of Innovation Insights, Alison Kahn, electronics engineer and PAN expert, delves into this growing technology. Learn how personal area networks are helping innovate emergency response by giving first responders the data and communication tools that they need.

Show Notes

Key takeaways:
  • How new technology influences technologies that are currently in use by the federal government.
  • How new technologies such as personal area networks are enabling first responder safety. 
  • The problems of combining and standardizing all the data coming from the sensors on the first responders.
  • How Alison’s work fits into current trends that are happening around the internet of things.
  • The biggest barriers for achieving data integration for first responders.
Please note: Alison Kahn works for the National Institute of Standards of Technologies' Public Safety Communications Research Division (NIST PSCR), one of Corner Alliance's clients. Corner Alliance is currently under contract to provide marketing services for PSCR.

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