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This episode is a segment episode where I talk about the current events within the collecting realm of the world, highlight a hobby that I haven't previously talked about and the things I've been buying lately. This episode is a result of your feedback (which is much appreciated) so expect more content like this to come! Thank you for being here :)

Show Notes

Segment Time Stamps:
Current Event Links: 
  • Ayami Kojima & Innistrad Crimson Vow:
  • Serena Williams Rookie Card Record:
  • Micky Mantle Debut Ticket Stud Record Sale:
  • Fusion Strike Full Card List:
  • Leonhart Pulls Shadowless Charizard:
  • Chinese Fortnite Servers Shut Down:
  • Fortnite Leaks:

Magic the Gathering Links: 
  • General Magic the Gathering info:
  • Set categories and lists:
  • Booster Box values:
  • Booster Pack Values:
  • Value Your MTG Collection:
  • Reserved List Values:

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What is Geeked Out Collecting?

At Geeked Out Collecting podcast we apply financial and investing principles to our hobby collecting - from trading card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering to Comic books and Funko Pops, we do it all. The goal is to turn dusty hobby collections into profitable nest eggs.

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