OK Productive

Author Allison Spooner shares tips and tools to complete your writing

Show Notes

Outsource your writing parameters
  • Accountability through writing groups, events, and contests
  • Benefits of deadlines, prompts, settings, and other writing constraints
  • Outlining and other ways to complete a novel in small pieces
  • Writing exercises and parameters that help you get better with practice
  • Telling a story with Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey
  • Tips for writing when you need some structure
Methods for practicing writing
  • Look for random writing prompts online or in your physical environment
  • Start small, like 500 words
  • Go to writing events near you
  • Try writing at different times and with different techniques to find what works best for you
  • Donald Miller's 5 Writing Tips
  • Make your customer the hero of your business' stories
  • Write for fun, define writing success for you, and a little progress is still progress
  • Scale up to make a novel
  • One flash fiction story per day will help you reach your NaNoWriMo goal
  • Come up with writing prompts for the whole month in advance
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What is OK Productive?

a podcast of banter and being productive enough